Frequently Asked Questions

What are you your check in and out times?

Check in: Anytime after 2:00 PM

Check out: Anytime before 11:00AM

Can we check in early?

If we have no one there prior to you yes, you can check in early, but we won’t know until that morning as we get bookings all of the time.

Can we check out late?

Yes, if there is no one coming in after you, you can stay until 12 at no additional charge, if you want to stay later than that please leave us some additional money.  As we get bookings all of the time, we won’t know until the last minute, so ask us the night before your departure.

Can we arrive late?

Yes, you can arrive late at night.  If you plan on arriving after 9PM, let us know and we will leave the lights on and the door unlocked. In the morning we will show you around the farm.  At certain times of the year we will need to take you out to the Yurt, in which case when you arrive call or knock on our door.

Does the farm have cell phone reception?

Yes, excellent reception for all but AT&T.

Do you have wifi?

The Suites and the Apartment do have limited  wifi all other accommodations do not.  We charge a fee of $20 per visit to use the wifi and ask that you do not download any movies or use video calls.  Our wifi service is similar to a cell phone and we are charged based on how many bytes are downloaded.

Are you accessible by public transportation?

Yes, the Trailways bus from the Port Authority in NYC to New Paltz will take 1.5 hours, from there you can take a taxi to our farm.  

Are there things to do, restaurants to walk or bike to if we come by public transportation and have no car with us?

Many people come by taxi and stay for a few days, you will be able to enjoy yourself here without a car, there are places to walk and bike to right from our property.  You are welcome to use our “farm” bikes to bike to The Rail Trail, Sauderskill Farm Market, Skate Time 209, Kelders farm Market, the Wine shop and a convenience store all within two miles. 

Is the hot tub working?

Yes, it is always hot and ready for your use.

Where can we get wood to make a camp fire?

We can sell you a “Fire Kit” for $25 or you can buy wood at nearby stores.

How far is the Yurt from your house or where the cars are parked?  Can we drive out to the Yurt?

We encourage people not to drive out to the Yurt unless they have a lot to load or unload.  Upon your arrival we can take your luggage out to the Yurt in our Gator.  We try to keep the natural feel of the environment by keeping cars on the main driveway.  The parking place is a pleasant 3 minute walk through a horse coral.