The Outpost

trailer boothSailboat, Trailer and Outback Canvas Tent Outpost – this is GLAMOROUS CAMPING! You have an indoor kitchen, and a well maintained Port O San, (you have access to our 1st floor bathroom and shower), all on a private strip of land in between a beautiful stream and a row of trees bordering the main horse coral. You have access to the farms’ walking trails, hot tub and bonfire area.
If you have never gone camping before, come stay at the Outpost, it is a campsite already set up. I was 30 the first time I camped and I loved it! It is an amazing experience to be so close to nature, it is hard to explain, you just have to try it more glamorous than camping, you will love it!
The boat can sleep one couple in its’ cabin, the heated Trailer has a bedroom with a full bed and the kitchen has a fold out full bed, you can pitch your own tent on the platform or use it for Yoga.
If you are a group of over 6 people, please tell us about yourself and your intentions as we want to make sure that fun is had in safety and peace. We are hippies at heart, okay, maybe we even look the part sometimes, but we are also the Captain of the ship and want to make sure everyone will get home safely.
The sail boat is dry docked; literally, it looks like a dock by the sea. There is a set of stairs that take you from the tent platform up to the boat. The boat has a custom built roof and romantic wind, water and sun screen. It has a small cabin with a skylight, lined with a foam mattress, a super comfy, cozy place to sleep. Up on deck you can sun yourself and image that you really are sailing as the boat gently sways in the wind (it is slung between posts so it can rock).
The 50’s style Trailer, is right out of a film set, with black and white checkered floor and red polka dot curtains. The heated trailer is your indoor kitchen with a 4 burner cook top and oven, refridgerator and microwave. There is no water hook up to the trailer so no running water. we provide you with a 5 gallons of water which we can help you to refill. on cold rainy days you will have refuge. When you rent the Outpost all three, tent, trailer and boat are yours.
The trailer opens onto a good sized deck. just 10′ from the stream. This part of the stream has a deep area where often you can swim. The stream does dry up at times.  Any questions, write to us…

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