The Annex

Visiting Beth and Tim’s farm was a truly wonderful experience for my boyfriend and I. We were just looking for some peace and quiet but what we found was so much more. We stayed in the Annex and enjoyed cooking in the beautiful (and well equipped) kitchen and sprawling out on the soft comfy bed while reading to each other. Seeing the horses through the kitchen window was almost magical while drinking our tea, and soaking in the hot tub while looking at the sunset behind the trees was breath taking. Be sure to peep into the barn and say hi to Sizzle (the pig) and the hayloft kittens! We FULLY intend on returning with a group of our friends so that we can see what the farm has to offer in the summer! Thank you Tim and Beth for creating such a wonderful oasis that us city folk can escape to. 🙂 – Fig

January 2014

I stayed in Mr Ed’s Annex with the steam room a week ago with my girlfriend. Just as the first time we stayed at Tim and Beths earlier this year, it was amazing. They are wonderful hosts with amazing rooms to stay in. It’s a nice quiet, simple get away and I highly recommend it to anyone. We will definitely be back there! – John

December 2013

We had a wonderful time at the Annex. We were only there for a short time, so we did not have time to use the hot tub or pizza oven, but we had a great time exploring the property. The annex was beautiful and well kept, and very warm and toasty, despite the snow and cold temperature. We loved meeting the kittens, dogs and horses roaming the property, and enjoyed the recommended restaurants, too! Would love to see what its like there in the summer! – Roxanne

December 2013

We had a great time at Beth’s farm near Accord, NY. The annex was lovely with excellent appliances and a welcoming atmosphere. A great spot for a weekend in the Catskills! – Caitlin

October 2013

The farm is beautiful and the Annex is a perfect hideaway! – Autumn

August 2013

Beth was so friendly and welcoming my husband and I felt right at home! Mr. Ed’s annex is the most unique cottage that we have ever rented! Its right next to the cute barn yet we felt like we had our own little private cozy nook to relax in.

The annex is cozy and clean with a wonderful modern kitchen, the most awesome shower known to man and the most comfortable mattress that we have ever slept on! We would sit out on the little deck that is right at the back of the cottage which is a perfect spot for watching the horses graze. We would sit and relax and sip coffee and watch the sky change. After a few hours of relaxing we would drive two miles down the road to the local swimming hole and splash and swim with the friendly locals.

Then we would come back and cook out on the barbecue on the little deck and then when it starts to get dark we would walk a few feet up the road to the house while Beth lights a bon fire for us in the fire pit. Beth delighted us with wonderful conversation and a lovely personality! We had a wonderful time getting to know such cool folks that also rented on her property (another cottage, a yert and an apartment) on Beth’s property!

When it got dark it was a joy to grab a couple of bottles of beer and head over to the hot tub where you can soak and look up at the stars!

It is an animal lover’s paradise. One day a beautiful friendly white mare followed me around like a puppy! I tried to give her snacks but it turned out she just wanted company and a nice nose scratching 🙂 Whenever we sat out on the deck, a family of five cats would come and sit with us while the chickens pecked the ground a few feet away. Occasionally, one of the wonderful, friendly dogs that live on the farm would walk over and keep us company while we sat and looked out at the field.

I am so glad that we met wonderful Beth and stayed in Mr Ed’s Annex! We can’t wait to come back! – Pilar

July 2013

The annex was a great place to stay and relax after our wedding. We also loved the (gentle and unobtrusive) animals! The shower, hot tub, and swimming pool were all awesome as well. Thanks! – Gregory

July 2013

My husband, toddler and I just had a fabulous Mother’s Day/birthday weekend at the farm. As we drove up to Accord from Brooklyn, I promised my son that we were on our way to “The Big Red Barn”, which is one of his favorite books. Well, what can I say…”There was a great big horse and a very little horse”…check! “Cockadoodledoo! In the barn there was a rooster”…check! “There was a big pile of hay and a little pile of hay”…check! “There was a black cat and a tiger tomcat”…check! I could go on and on, because this farm had our little boy trembling with excitement about all that there was to discover. What really got me was the indoor-outdoor living of our accommodations, how beautifully and comfortably decorated the Annex was, the fragrance of lilacs, the quiet fields, the trees and the stream, and the warmth of our hosts. Plan a trip to Storm King on your way up or back from the farm and you have yourself a fantastic getaway that leaves you feeling refreshed and restored. – Adria

May 2013

We had a great weekend getaway! Hiking, pizza party, bonfire, hot tub. Doesn’t get much better than that! Beth was awesome, the annex was adorable. – Annie

April 2013

Excellent accommodation. Perfect place to stay for those wanting to be immersed in nature while also having a comfortable experience.  – Jeremy

April 2013

Great little hideaway, very rustic. Steam shower was awesome. Our dog enjoyed being able to run free on the farm, and the other dogs on the property we very friendly! Would definitely recommend to friends looking for a quiet place to spend a weekend. – Natasha

March 2013

The Annex was the perfect escape for us. The interior is beautifully appointed and looks out over the farm. Awesome wood work throughout. We loved the waking up to the animals around the property each morning and enjoyed the steam shower as well. Beth and Tim were excellent hosts! – Megan

February 2013

The Annex is great! The steam room is awesome and I recommend the light show as well. We joined our hosts for a great pizza party with another couple staying on the property, we had a wonderful time and they even treated us with dessert! Probably one of the best places you can bring your dog on a weekend. Lots of other friendly dogs to play with and ample space to roam around. Definitely coming back soon! – Ryan

December 2012